I inquired about the pilot’s tribe from those who were traveling with me. Peter Obi

At the party retreat, Labour Party presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi stressed the importance of the 2023 election. Peter Obi emphasized that Nigerians should choose leaders based on their character, which can be trusted and proven, rather than their tribe or ethnic heritage.

Peter Obi emphasized the need for a leader to balance all facets of leadership while citing examples of how he reduced expenses while serving as governor of Anambra State in order to pay pensions in the state.

Speaking on why Nigerians shouldn’t vote based on their ethnicity, Peter Obi recalled asking the three guys he was traveling with on a trip last night—two Yoruba and one Northerner—if they knew the pilot of the aircraft. When they replied “No,” he added that they had boarded the aircraft because they were aware that the person inside was a pilot. He claimed that no one had questioned the pilot if he was Yoruba, Igbo, or Hausa before they boarded.

Nowhere in the North or the South, Peter Obi at the party retreat asked, do people buy products for less money since they are either from the North or the South.

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